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Please feel free to contact us at anytime if you have questions regarding TickTest. Below are answers to some common questions.


What if my tick is crushed?

  • A crushed tick isn’t ideal, but that does not mean that we can’t test it. We understand that sometimes the tick is crushed during removal from the body, as well as in transit to our testing facilities, so we will do our best to still provide accurate results. To avoid the tick being crushed during transit, we recommend using a padded envelope or other type of sturdy packaging. However, this is not mandatory.

When will I get my results?

  • You will receive results within 7 days after we receive the tick at our facility. You will receive an email notification when we receive you tick.

Why should you choose TickTest?

    • TickTest is sponsored by Immuno Technologies, Inc., a research lab that focuses on tick-borne pathogens and how they are transmitted. So, why TickTest? Because we have a leading expert in the field providing the testing service in an area where Lyme Disease concerns are growing. Also, we will use these funds to further research in diagnostics and development of vaccines for Lyme disease.

     Where can I learn more about Lyme Disease?

    • The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the CDC, is a reliable and public source of information regarding health and disease information. Information provided by the CDC regarding Lyme Disease can be found at this link:

     How is the tick tested for dangerous pathogens?

      • First, we purify the DNA straight from the tick. Second, we use Quantitative Polymerase Chain Reactions (qPCR) to detect whether or not genetic material specific to the pathogen of interest is present in the tick. Remember, if the tests results are positive, that does not mean that the tick transmitted these pathogens to the host. However, if the results are negative, then there is a very low probability that this specific tick was capable of transmitting the pathogens. The result is given only for the tick that was tested which does not apply to other ticks in the same area.
      What do my results mean?
        • *Remember, our TickTest results do not provide diagnosis, nor do they confirm that the tick transmitted any harmful pathogens to the host.
        • A positive result: DNA from Borrelia burgdorferi was present in the tick, meaning that the tick was infected with the causative agent of Lyme Disease. However, transmission of the bacteria from tick to host depends on how much bacteria was present in the tick, and also how long the tick was attached to the host.
        • A negative result: DNA from Borrelia burgdorferi was not present, or present at levels too low for detection. However, simply because this tick tested negative, does not mean that all ticks in your area are also negative. If you experience symptoms or have medical concerns, please seek the attention of a medical professional.
        Can I have my tick back?
        • Unfortunately, after testing your tick is no longer a tick. We needed purify DNA from the tick, which involves breaking the tick down entirely. However, all DNA obtained from TickTest orders is stored in the lab and can be tested for other pathogens in the future at your request.
        Is my information made public?
        • No, all your personal information will remain confidential and is only required for communication and payment purposes. Only tick location, attachment, and associated result will be added to our tick registry. Once results are sent to you, your personal information becomes dissociated from the information we record into our database. 
        Can I drop my tick off if I am in the area?
        • You need to mail your tick. However, please contact us with your request, and customer service will let you know if arrangements can be made. We are currently considering a “drop-off” location (depending on public interest), and will update the website if this becomes available.
        How will I know if you received my tick?
        • We will send an email once the tick has arrived at our facility. 
        Does the tick have to be alive? What if the tick was collected a long time ago?
        • No, the tick does not have to be alive. We can test ticks whether they are alive or dead, as well as ticks collected some time ago. However, as noted in the shipping instructions, we recommend that you freeze your tick (inside the plastic bag) for up to 8 hours. This prevents the tick escaping during transit to our facility.
        How do I remove a tick? Can I send more than 1 tick at a time?
        • Yes, as long as all the ticks were collected from the same host. For example, if you found 4 ticks on yourself, all 4 ticks can be included in 1 order. However, if ticks were also found on a family member, then you and your family member need to create separate orders.