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How it works

We aimed at making TickTest as simple as possible for our customers. All you have to do is follow these 3 simples steps:

        1. Fill out the online form.
        2. Ship us your tick.
        3. Receive results by email within 7 business days.

Shipping is Easy!

We accept shipments via all major mail carriers, including USPS, UPS, FedEX and others.

Our only request is that you ship your tick in the correct packaging... please read our shipping instructions carefully to ensure your tick arrives to our facility.

Please note that it is the shipper's responsibility that the tick arrives to our facility. Immuno Technologies, Inc. does not accept responsibility for lost packages, damaged packages, or tick escape. Refunds will not be administered under these circumstances.

Packaging and Mailing Instructions:

          1. Place the tick inside a Ziploc bag. Seal the bag carefully to make sure there is no possibility for tick escape. Do not place anything else inside this bag. If you are sending more than 1 tick, you can place all ticks in the same bag. Please note that all ticks MUST come from the same host (human, dog, etc.). Placing the Ziploc bag in the freezer for up to 8 hours prior to shipment is recommended, but not required.
          2. Place the sealed Ziploc bag inside a second Ziploc bag. Double bags ensure the tick will not escape or fall out of the packaging during transport. 
          3. Inside the second Ziploc bag, include written or typed documentation, including the following information: Name, Phone Number, and Tick ID #. The Tick ID# will be provided on the invoice after placing your order. This ID is used as a reference when matching correct results to the customer. A tick sent to us without a Tick ID# included in the packaging will not be tested.
          4. The Ziploc bags can be placed in any type of envelope or small box you prefer, although padded envelopes are recommended. You can mail your ticks to us via any mail service.

Again, ticks that are sent to us without an associated Tick ID# clearly visible will not be tested. You will receive an email once your tick has arrived at the testing facility, and again when the results are generated.

Please send your ticks to the following address:

Immuno Technologies, Inc.
20 S. Dudley St., STE 460
Memphis, TN 38103