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What is TickTest?

TickTest is a service offered by Immuno Technologies, Inc., a Memphis-based research company, which focuses on the development of diagnostic assays for infectious diseases, specifically Lyme Disease. Our staff collaborates with some of the leading experts in Lyme Disease research and prevention, both in the US and across the world. Due to the growing concern in the South regarding increasing tick populations and risk of infection, our researchers realized how a tick testing service would benefit both the general public and the scientific community. 

This service allows you to send in ticks found on yourself, family members, pets, or even from your yard, which we then test for dangerous pathogens, such as those that cause Lyme Disease. Our goal is to offer you a service that provides information regarding whether or not you have been exposed to pathogens, as well as how prevalent these pathogens are in your area. Testing a tick does not have diagnostic value for any specific disease. It is merely a sign of exposure to a potential human pathogen. Negative results will put most minds to rest; positive results will encourage people to look for appropriate medical care if the tick was found attached and feeding on the skin.

Accurate Results for you... Scientific Data for us.

TickTest not only provides information regarding location and frequency of these tick-borne pathogens, but also provides funding for future research in this field. By sending us your tick, you will allow us to gather epidemiological data that can be integrated at the national level, while we provide you with accurate results regarding the presence or absence of the Lyme causing bacteria. It is important to note that Immuno Technologies, Inc. is not a clinical diagnostics laboratory, and the results should not be interpreted for clinical diagnostic or treatment purposes. Please contact a practicing physician if you have any signs or symptoms of illness.